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Go Green Lunchbox Replacement Silicone Bands

Go Green Lunchbox

Go Green Lunchbox Replacement Silicone Bands

$9.00 CAD

Each set contains 5 replacement silicone bands for the 5 compartment boxes.


Q:  How do I put the silicone O-rings back in the food box lid?
A:  The circumference of the silicone O-rings are purposely slightly larger than the channels into which they fit, because there has to be enough flex in the O-rings such that when the lid is closed/tabs locked, the downward pressure causes the O-rings to “bulge” outwards to create the leak-proof seal around each compartment.  If the O-rings fit just right/snug, then “leak-proof” is not guaranteed (because there is no “bulging of the O-rings” to form the proper seal).  Therefore, it is important that, after removing/washing the O-rings, they have to be “completely tucked back into” their respective channels.

Q: Do I need new O-rings?  Seems like they are stretched because I put them in the wrong lid channels?
A:  First, please understand that silicone’s “elastic” property is different from that of rubber (such as a rubber band) – though it stretches, it doesn’t stay “stretched” permanently [if left alone, it goes back to its original shape (placing silicone in hot water definitely will speed up the process)].

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