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the OVer Company Cover 🇨🇦

the OVer Company

the OVer Company Cover 🇨🇦

$50.00 CAD

The OVer is a soft, stretchy Cotton material, and can be used as an infant carseat cover*, nursing cover with 360° coverage, shopping cart cover and more!

This OVer is perfect to help protect your baby from sun, cold wind, light rain, colder temperatures and also because of it's breathable material this OVer allows proper airflow to keep baby cool in warmer temperatures when used as an infant carseat cover.

ONE size fits most.

This OVer is recommended for all year round.

>>Fabric Contents<<

96% Cotton

4% Spandex

All the OVers handmade in Ontario, Canada. The OVer company gives a portion of its proceeds to the London, Ontario NICU through the Children’s Health Foundation to ensure other infants and children are able to receive the best possible care.

OVers are made with a high quality natural cotton/spandex blend.  Like all fabric you must care for it to prevent early wear and tear.  

*When using an OVer on your car seat, it should be removed when putting the car seat in a vehicle.

Caring for your OVer:

Please remove your OVer from your car seat when snapping into your stroller or base. The bottom of all carseat have latches that can puncture through your OVer if it gets caught or snagged when snapping into your stroller/base.  These holes are typically found 1-3" from the bottom of your OVer and often are in groups of 2 or 3 (but sometimes can also just be by itself).  

*These holes or punctures are not covered under any warranty as it is not a defect or issue with the fabric

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